About Us

Once upon a time there was a corporate type lady who went to Jamaica on vacation… And that was the beginning… Linda & Dave met that fateful week in Jamaica & got married the Next year. They settled in NY spending 3 years deciding what they could do together to earn a living & still have fun. In those years Dave became the official cook at home with more & more people showing up for impromptu meals.

They loved the Jamaican Cuisine Dave had been cooking for his family since he was a boy of 7… Like all good stories there were twists & turns, opportunities taken & some missed, but in May 1996 they took deep breaths, traded their “suits” for jeans & moved to Ocean Isle. August 5, 1996 the Sugar Shack was opened. Now many Fortunate & hard worked years later, the friendly little Restaurant they imagined has become a popular meeting/eating place for locals & an annual “must” For many of our visitors….